Bridgehampton Custom Modern Barn®

Bridgehampton Demolition

We are VERY excited to announce the birth of a new Modern Barn®!  This custom Modern Barn will be built with wonderful clients in Bridgehampton.  So begins our journey together!

Home Maintenance: Shingles

healthy shingles

I have written about this before and I will probably write about it again because it’s important.  It’s that time of year – Spring Cleaning is just around the corner and you might be thinking of ways to improve the appearance of your home. Truth be told: maintenance is important to longevity of any product.Continue Reading…

Use of Glass: Sliding Doors

Glass doors are much more energy efficient than you might think. There is loads of technology in today’s glass. For instance – did you know that in between the panes of glass in high end windows and doors, there is an inert substance?

Styles of Barn Doors and Uses


Barn Doors come in many styles – from the very modern to the very traditional.  Period doors are also popular in certain circles.  Many people call barn doors just “oversized doors.”  They can be made out of a variety of durable materials including wood, acrylic, other forms of plastic, glass and combinations of those materials.Continue Reading…

Barn Door Design


There are many opportunities within design to capitalize on the Modern Barn. The latest to have caught our eye is the sliding barn door. Pocket doors have been a feature of Plum Homes for decades.

Wood Details – Interior

DOD 100312 27

Modern Barn architecture uses wood products on the finishes of the interior. The Modern Barn uses wood in a variety of ways including doors, railings, paneling, siding, shelving, cabinetry, and trim. All are able to be painted, stained and polyed, or waxed.  In the Barn, moulding details are generally painted.  Wood details that are generallyContinue Reading…

Something Old, Something New


This material is a favorite of our clients, especially in Southampton. It comes in many hues and finishes. A favorite is tumbled travateen which gives the tile an old-world, worn look. The tiles are rounded slightly because of the tumbling and surface appears to be somewhat worn.

Kitchens – Where do you Stand? (Flooring)


Flooring in kitchens is an area of creativity – much like the rest of home design. The following materials that are typically used on floors are wood, concrete, stone, tile, steel, glass. Today we will discuss wood and stone. Other materials will be discussed next week.

But First, Coffee


Do you drink the sweet nectar of the gods on a daily basis? Of course I’m referring to coffee. Coffee is the epitome of personal. We all take it differently. The key to customization is options.

Appliances that Work for You

KB-6524PS | Microwave Drawer Oven | Sharp

If you’ve ever had a dishwasher, washing machine, microwave or other “essential” home appliance stop working – you know how much you rely on those every day machines.  Today, those machines are more than just standard in a kitchen, they are essential to ease and convenience.  To that end, these appliances are now available inContinue Reading…